Olive Design

The Method To Our Madness.

Development and Strategy

  • Define goals and measurement for success
  • Analyze client history and competition
  • Define objectives and scope
  • Define Brand Strategy and message consistency
  • Define schedule and documentation needs
  • Identify key team members

Conceptual Development

  • Explore design and technical opportunities
  • Competitive research
  • Explore usability issues
  • Validate concept
  • Information design / Architecture
  • Create storyboards and scripts
  • Overall look and feel development


  • HTML, Flash, Motion Graphics, Database, or e-commerce development
  • Execute coding and functional testing
  • Integration with design, content and back-end
  • Search Engine assessment
  • System testing, debug and Q&A


  • Standards guides for consistency
  • Phased scheduling and expansions
  • Tracking and Metrics analysis
Our Process is applied to each of our services.
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